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「社長力講座」(ぱる出版) 他多数

Lanchester Success Program
The “Lanchester Strategy” is a rule called the “formula for competition” born in Great Britain in 1914.
Following that, it was advanced by the American military, and following World War II it saw individual development in Japan with the aim of leveraging it for the purpose of management. Through the new creation of a “natural philosophy of management” as a principle for companies to win in market competition, it became possible to “logically arrange” management, which can easily become fuzzy.
By deriving the “three main values” for market share, this philosophy has created a clear strategy for one’s company in the context of intercompany competition. From the “profitability principles” that decide the quality of profitability, two styles of management have been derived: “strategies of the strong” and “strategies of the weak.” The central idea is that in order to improve performance, it is essential to have a management strategy focused on strong products and being the best in one’s class.
In addition, Mr. Yoshiro Kawabe, representative of Lanchester Management Co., Ltd. established the “Kawabe-star Strategy,” which features aspects from marketing to Lanchester Management and newly implements a marketing method into the Lanchester Strategy. Over 1,000 companies in Japan are making use of corporate strategy systems, business models, and team management systems that utilize this theory.

I am the foremost expert on the Lanchester Strategy in Japan.
I have traveled alone to 30 countries. Working under Jewish and Chinese managers in America and Australia, I encountered business models with flexible ways of thinking.
After graduating from university, I studied abroad at an American university and majored in marketing.
After working as a new product developer at a major food company, I worked with a firm on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and then went independent with an organic FC and consulting company. After approximately one year, I had nurtured my company to a scope of having some 100 million yen in capital and 100 employees, and had advanced overseas. Currently, as a business model producer, I guide companies from three-person electronic appliance stores to major corporations of more than 130,000 people. I conduct business model construction for advancing overseas and also sales support.
In addition to consulting, I am also active as a writer, commentator, journalist, and lecturer who speak over 200 times per year in both Japan and overseas locations such as Los Angeles, London, New York, Singapore, and Mainland China as well.
I am an established reputation for creating business models both for new businesses with novel ideas and businesses in the process of restructuring.

1986:Graduated with B.S., Agricultural Science, Department of Food Engineering, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University
1986-1988: Study in B.A, in Clark University in U.S.A
2021: Graduated from Kyoto University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts. Bachelor of Arts